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The United kingdom is predominantly an embark point for cruises to other destinations. However it also offers some interesting cruises of its own.

Most cruises depart from the UK’s southern ports and visit Ireland and Scotland where passengers can enjoy both the rugged beauty of the Scottish Islands and the Celtic history to be found in both Ireland and Scotland. These cruises can also include a visit to Iceland. Cruises based around the south of England tend to include Ireland, The Channel Islands and perhaps a European port or two

Cruise types

There is a range of cruise types to choose from. The region is serviced by both large and small cruise ships. The former can cover more distance and give passengers a taste of different destinations, while smaller cruise ships tend to concentrate on one area in more depth – especially Scotland.

While most cruise are 7nights or longer there are quite a few short ( 3 and 4) night ‘escapes’.

Cruise seasons

The cruise season is from May to September to take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather

Main Ports

The larger cruise lines depart from the UK ports of Dover, Southampton and Liverpool as well as from Amsterdam. Smaller cruises which focus mostly on Scotland depart from Oban.


Weather during the cruise season is mild to warm and the days are long. However this is an area where the weather changes rapidly and you can experience a number of seasons in the one day. Cruise Lines often have advice on what clothes to take.

Photo Credit: John Simos

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